Beauty As…Connection:
Post-pandemic, clients are forging bonds with their hairdressers that go beyond the salon chair. It’s an intimate space where you can confide your deepest secrets, Bwin Live Casino Gamesknowing your stylist will keep their lips sealed (at least around your inner circle, that is). However, it’s essential to strike a balance, as the recent R29 article 
‘Trauma Dumping’ Is Real & Your Hairdresser Needs You To Stop Doing It highlighted, we do need to avoid unloading emotional baggage on our hairdressers. 

It’s happening virtually, too: Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe says that people are investing more time and energy connecting online, specifically on TikTok, asking more personal skincare questions and actively sharing skincare advice to others in the comments. L’Oreal Blackett is also seeing this with Unbothered’s Instagram community, who aren’Bwin Live Casino Gamest shy about getting involved. They often challenge the team if they feel their needs aren’t being recognized or, in some cases, if long-held traditions (such as methods of haircare) are being put under the spotlight and questioned by Unbothered. It’s a community, a safe space, and as such, people feel able to share their opinions openly.

Beauty As…Education:
Knowledge is power, and the beauty world is witnessing a revolution in information consumption. Today’s beauty consumers are not just savvy, they’re also demanding authenticity. L’Oreal Blackett’s advice was clear: Never endorse a product you haven’t tried yourself, and provide genuine feedback. As a hairstylist, Tom Bwin online live casinoSmith said he takes it a step further by backing his advice online with scientific evidence, not just anecdotal claims.

In the world of skincare, brands are putting forth a plethora of launches that give consumers more accessibility and more options (sunscreen is one example of this). Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe believes “choice is good.” And yet, there’s a countertrend of “de-influencing” afoot, a movement that toes the line between constructive criticism and negativity.

Beauty As…Escapism:
Beauty is now more than just a product — it’s about the stories and emotions that they evoke.  Eudora Nwasike offers an example: the hype surrounding PHLUR’s Missing Person, a fragrance that gripped TikTok because users shared such poignant narratives that it drove consumers to “blind buy” the fragrance, resulting in sky-high profits. In the R29 article, The Story Behind ‘Missing Person’: A Perfume That Broke The Internet, beauty influencer @mikaylanogueira held back tears while telling her 13.6 million TikTok followers: “I don’t know how to explain this. It smells like a person that you love and miss.”

Today, you’re buying a story, a vibe. Or as Tom Smith beautifully summed up, “We’re not here to find ourselves. We’re here to create ourselves.” In summary, beauty is no longer skin-deep; it&Bwin online live casino#8217;s a journey of self-expression, connection, and personal wellness. 

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